Track und railway construction

Eiffage Infra-Nordwest has traditionally been very focussed on rail transport systems, where the specialists cover both the track and rail construction. We build completely new track systems for our clients – Deutsche Bahn AG, regional railways, public and private transport companies – or we renovate them and take care of the maintenance.

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  • Turnkey rail lines
  • Maintenance and emergency measures
  • Complete platforms and station facilities
  • Own certified machinery


Bolstered by the expertise of our colleagues in civil engineering underground, we put together interdisciplinary teams to assemble the entire rail system, including stations and over- and underpasses.

Track und railway construction

Good thing we know every last detail about how Deutsche Bahn and the regional railway work. This means we can also work efficiently in unfavourable conditions – during shutdown periods, at night or without disrupting services.

When renovating track points and track systems, our specialists take care to ensure that track materials are reprocessed and reused as gravel-pebble mix and are therefore environmentally friendly. When building new track points and track systems, they provide and coordinate cutting-edge machinery, track renewal trains, track construction cranes and track and point tamping machines.

Our services include:

  • Turnkey rail lines
  • Complete platforms and station facilities
  • Reconstruction of track systems
  • Maintenance and emergency measures
  • Turnkey traffic constructions during interruptions in shutdown under rail operations
  • Own certified machinery including special tipping wagons, 2-way excavators and ballast pavers
  • Material preparation facilities

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