Why you should build with us

Solutions from practical experience

With 735 staff members, Eiffage Infra-Nordwest works in infrastructure construction and civil engineering underground. Although we are an SME, we feel at home in the challenging business of infrastructure. This is where we are synonymous with sophisticated technical solutions, quality and reliability, punctuality and customer satisfaction.

We keep track of everything when various trades need to be coordinated. Our technicians and engineers work in interdisciplinary teams to develop alternative proposals when tight schedules and changing plans demand pragmatic solutions. Thanks to fast decision-making and the high level of expertise of our staff, we can react in time to successfully drive forward the client's construction project.

Eiffage Infra-Nordwest, over to you

From specialist foundation engineering to road construction, track and railway construction to civil engineering unterground – we offer all these services from a single source: We provide them in-house or in cooperation with our Eiffage Group affiliates Eiffage Infra-Hochbau, Eiffage Infra-OWL, Eiffage Infra-Rail, Eiffage Infra-Südwest, Eiffage Infra-West, Eiffage Infra-Lärmschutz, Eiffage Infra-Ost, Eiffage Infra-Spezialtiefbau, Eiffage Infra-Süd.